Can You Keep An Air Hockey Table Outside (Simple Guide)

Air hockey is a classic game that can provide hours of fun for people of all ages. But can you keep an air hockey table outside? This helpful guide will discuss the pros and cons of keeping your air hockey table outdoors so that you can make an informed decision about where to store or install it. Some factors include weather conditions, level surfaces, safety considerations, and maintenance needs.

Air hockey is a fun game that people of all ages can enjoy.┬áIt has been an increasingly popular game in arcades and homes for many years. But with the summer season approaching, many people may be wondering if it’s possible to keep their air hockey table outdoors. This guide will explore the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining an air hockey table outside and any safety measures that need to be taken.

Why You Should Take Your Air Hockey Outside

For those of you looking for a change of pace from traditional air hockey, why not take the game outdoors? Taking your air hockey playing outside can provide a unique experience and allow for some fresh creativity in how to play. Here are some reasons why you should consider taking your air hockey outside.

Playing air hockey outside can be a great way to enjoy the weather while also getting in some physical activity. Being exposed to natural elements like wind and sun can add an exciting twist to regular indoor games, as they make them more challenging and fun. Plus, with no walls or ceilings restricting movement, outdoor players have much more room to move around during the game.

Air hockey is also a great way to meet new people and socialize with friends outdoors.

Can you keep an air hockey table outside?

Can you keep an air hockey table outside? It is a common question that many enthusiasts of this classic game ask, and the answer is yes – but with some conditions. Outdoor air hockey tables are becoming more popular as they offer a fun way to entertain guests in the garden or backyard.

When considering buying an outdoor air hockey table, it is important to take into account where it will be placed and what type of weather exposure it will be subject to. If exposed to direct sunlight or rain for extended periods of time, the lifespan of plastic components on the surface may be drastically reduced. It is also necessary to ensure there is ample protection from the wind so that puck movement isn’t compromised.

Proper maintenance and storage requirements should also be taken into consideration when looking at purchasing an outdoor air hockey table.

The Pros and Cons of Keeping an Air Hockey Table Outside

An air hockey table is a classic game that can bring hours of fun and entertainment to any gathering. However, with any outdoor activity, there are pros and cons to keeping an air hockey table outside. Here we look at the benefits and drawbacks of having an outdoor air hockey table.

Keeping an air hockey table outdoors allows for use in almost any weather, allowing for year-round gaming action. The sturdy construction of modern tables keeps them in good condition even when exposed to the elements, meaning you don’t have to worry about rust or damage from rain or sun exposure. They also offer plenty of space so everyone can join in on the fun.

Air hockey tables are a fun and entertaining way for people of all ages to stay active, but when it comes to keeping one outdoors, there are some potential drawbacks.

First and foremost, an outdoor air hockey table can be damaged by exposure to weather conditions such as sunlight and rain. If left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, the glossy surface can become discolored and fade over time which will make it difficult to play on. Rain can also cause damage if water seeps into the mechanism or electronics of your table.


An air hockey table can be kept outside with some extra care. It should be in a shaded area and the playing surface should be covered when not in use. The table should also be brought inside during bad weather or heavy winds to prevent damage from the elements. Furthermore, regular maintenance should be done to help keep the table in good condition. Finally, it is important to remember that any outdoor furniture is subject to weathering over time and may need to be replaced sooner than indoor furniture.

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